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Once a pair of shoes are commissioned, at a meeting in the atelier in Mayfair, I will discuss your requirements, determine style, last shape and materials and take a full set of foot measurements. In the workshop in Sussex I will then carve a wooden last, make the paper patterns, cut and close the upper, and prepare the shoe for a fitting. At a second meeting, we will asses the fit of the last and shoes, and discuss any changes that need to be made before the soles and heels get built. 
Once the trees are made we will meet again to insure the shoes fit, work and look good, before delivery is made.


I aim to complete all new customer orders in 4 months, with a fitting after 6-8 weeks. Repeat orders can be made within 8 weeks as long as no fittings are required. In the event of a shoe emergency, I’m always available for negotiation. 



Calfskin shoes £3500
Calfskin boots £3750
Alligator/Crocodile shoes £5500
Long boots (Riding) £5600

By appointment only at: BYRNE & BURGE
                                                 11, St George St,
                                                 London, W1S 2FD


Available on request.